Life’s a beach

Good morning my darlings, I hope you slept well?

I suffered the usual Spaniel on head night which has left one a little grumpy. Please forgive me and after my 3rd cup of tea the day may seem a touch brighter. Of course my husband slept wonderfully. Typical.

The weather has certainly picked up and we enjoyed another trip out to see Queenie.

I have just found the perfect addition, from decaf living. I’ll pop in up at the weekend.

My sentiments exactly.

By the sea by the sea by the beautiful sea.

Perfect for ones welks darlings.

Shell cocktail sticks from Rockett st George.

I love them and will order some tout suite!!

This sweet vintage tin bucket would look super duper with a geranium too.

From Cox & Cox

From not on the high street. A great canvas tote. For ones flip flops novel and plonk!

From not on the high street and hopefully joining moi!


4 thoughts on “Life’s a beach

  1. yay! You found that youtube clip! I was searching for ages for it to post it for you! That’s what I always sing when I think of the seaside

  2. oh I forgot to tell you my dear ol pa and the wicked stepmum went to a fancy dress party as TC and Mazza! he even had the shell! So funny..
    You and Mr Lee could definitely work that look!

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