As long as it’s pink

Good morning my darlings, we have woken to a glorious day. Sunshine and hopefully no showers until at least lunchtime.

I will be potting geraniums, pink of course and admiring the beauty that is our magnificent cherry blossom tree.

When marrying Mr.Dish I found it awfully hard not to do the whole pink thing. It can look sweet and sickly I know darlings and it is not for everyone. Could you ever imagine Jennifer Aniston of Ms.Jolie wearing or residing in anything pink. Nope? Neither can I.

Generally you will be pleased to know I steer clear of wearing it but whenever I spot in in a shop I am drawn to it. Like a moth to a flame. No, I do not self medicate but maybe I should. How I wish that occasionally I would bring home something that isn’t pink for the home.

Maybe something in fawn?

How I would adore to slip these beauties into my ever expanding collection of chairs, wouldn’t you just LOVE to be called Kiki Voltaire?

Pink Martini Bridge chairs from Kiki Voltaire at Notonthehighstreet.

I wrap all gifts in plenty of tissue paper in glorious colours but must have ribbon. I always collect throughout the year to add to my ribbon drawer.

This by Jane Means is a must.

from notonthehighstreet

Looks like my beloved dresser may be needing a touch of pink too. It would look smashing in this particular hue… non?

From Ruby and Betty’s attic.

I have saved the best till last.

My fabulous pink perfection to return again to brighten my day and will continue every year. I shall stand underneath it’s billowing branches and pretend I am a bride again.


2 thoughts on “As long as it’s pink

  1. I really, really love those chairs! But then I am addicted to pink… even if my wedding dress was red.

    PS I didn’t know you had a blog, my dear… I must add you to the list of Bloggers I Have Met.

    • Me too, the drinkie poo tent bit the dust in the snow. Naughty Mr.Lee didn’t take it down so one has ordered a pink Marquee to take it’s place. Oh and a pink gazebo for glamping!

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