Dans le jardin

My darlings , there is nothing Mrs.Lee loves more than a potter or an al fresco lunch dans le jardin. It is going to take an awful lot of back breaking work to get it up to scratch. Mon husband is terribly busy and we have lost the number for our gardener so I’m afraid it shall mostly be up to moi.

Now I don’t mind doing a bit of potting up but the mowing I can jolly well do without.

I shall be filling the beds with yet more roses, lavender and lilac and of course be buying uggins and uggins of geraniums.

And my tea cups

from strawberryfool.co.uk

I bought a couple of these last year for my Niece’s Alice in Wonderland tea party and they look fabulous with Summer flowers or herbs.

These seem to be the only Summer bedding plants that will survive at Chez Lee. They don’t have to be watered constantly. A winner in my book.

I have just popped some trailing Geraniums in the window boxes but it will be a while before they make any impact

Oh to have a balcony

image freefoto.com

Perfect petunias

Sweet window boxes and a sky blue house

image from thekitchn.com

The bottles are a sweet touch, non?

For the girl who has everything and to encourage her to roll up her sleeves .

from ingarden.co.uk

Loving the hat!!  Oh look, pink boots too.

My cherry blossom is always later than the neighbours to flourish but the Lilac is very nearly there. I have just ordered some Lilac ribbon to make a beautifully scented bouquet freshly cut from the garden.

Of course accessories are everywhere… I love popping tealight holders and lanterns throughout the garden and hanging from trees

Plenty of these to make the Queen of Hearts happy

Lighting up the trees from thedotcomgiftshop


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