Only in Stepford

Got myself a cryin’, talkin’, sleepin’, walkin’, livin’ doll. Gotta do my best to please her, just cos she’s a livin’ doll.

Mr.Lee would love one, however there is only so much domesticity a woman can take.

Floral frocks are all very well some are adorable, some make me look like a Nana.

A domestic goddess is a delightful name tag, but not one that should make women who pop for something quick from M&S. feel less adequate. There are plenty of wonderful things to do with ones day and not all of it should be in the kitchen. We should dress for ourselves my darlings but of course we wish to be attractive for our partners too. I look shocking without more than a ton of slap and would frighten the horses, and quite often my husband.

Not a frump in sight

Ankles crossed, sitting as a lady should.

I have just bought a couple of floral numbers and didn’t buy well, one of them makes me look like a home help, the other like I’m expecting. Frump frump and more frump.

I have since found Get Cutie and the retro cuteness sings. A delightful selection of prints with more than a hint of cleavage. How can one look elderly with ones assets on display?

Get Cutie.



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