The hostess with the mostess

Good morning my darlings, I trust you slept well?

I have a shocking headache that I can’t seem to shake so please be gentle with me. At the weekend Mr.Lee and I will be having supper with friends and then staying the night. My husband prefers to stay home but as there will be( hopefully) rather a lot to drink ( my poor head) we shall enjoy being house guests.

I love people to come to us but I do get into rather a flap before hand. Mostly from excitement but also trying to make sure I’ve done all I can to make their stay comfortable. The last time we had guests to stay the cuisine wasn’t quite up to scratch and as mon amie was preggers I’m afraid it didn’t go un noticed! Next time I shall stay out of the kitchen.

My excuse was I wasn’t concentrating and popped in and out to watch Strictly Come dancing, well my darlings it was the final. Thankfully I bought the pud so all was well.

Next time it shall be something prepared ahead of time, Lasagne, cottage pie and we shall enjoy each others company more. In the Summer it is simpler, BBQ and wine in the garden.

Mon amie brought my favourite macarons from Ladureé of course, jolly nice of her. They were polished off in no time at all. What a lovely thought.

What shall I take for our hostess?

Wine is always welcomed or our hosts preferred tipple perhaps? What lady doesn’t like flowers?

What would Martha do?

Not awfully sure if gardening’s her thing? I like to take a plant for the garden or a small tree and would find it charming to receive a rose bush from guests, a rose garden would ensue with fond memories attached.

This small, thoughtful gift is a good way to thank a hostess. Wrap two loaves of your favorite crusty bread (French baguettes) in a linen tea towel, and top with a jar of homemade jam. Tie them together with a colorful ribbon to match the towel, securing a wooden spreader in the knot of the bow

Perfect for me, I would be happy.

Rather an ugly basket, I would use willow.

A healthy breakfast is often the last thing on your hostess’s mind when she’s planning a night of entertainment. Line a basket with vintage tea towels and fill it with everything they need to start the day  — coffee, tea, milk, sugar, orange juice, scones, butter, and marmalade. All they have to do is find the kettle ! Pop in croissants too.

My husband would always adore a food gift, he would be looking for some good quality bacon in the basket.

Taking a hamper for the weekend is a marvellous idea filled with treats for all or send afterwards as a thank you.

Oh please don’t forget a note of thanks, so very important if one wishes to return.

A scented candle from Jo Malone, delightful to receive.

Mr.Lee would be thrilled ( and would like to take) Forman and Field’s kilner jar of potted shrimps and of course a nice bottle of plonk to wash it down.

I must say I think that would be scrumptious too. If travelling and worried about perishables they you can’t go wrong with some beautiful triple milled soap.

Lucia Van Der Post would say to avoid anything that smells like a brothel. I tend to agree.

One thing one has learned by being either an hostess or guest is that an arrival drink is a must.

We prefer a stiff one to pep us up but on a gold grey day hot chocolate goes a long way.


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