Saturday in The Smoke

Hello my darlings, I hope you’re having a perfect day and a fabulous weekend?

What glorious weather.

My favourite kind, Spring flowers, sunshine and blue skies.

All that is needed is tea and cake and lovely ladies. A trip to The Smoke for afternoon tea was the order of the day, so donning mon chapeau and of course the largest of pearls headed south for a brief but perfect encounter.

Bea’s of Bloomsbury

A sweet little tea room found by Louisa and filled to the rafters with frilly cakes and clotted cream served on perfect cake stands. Perfect for a gathering of tea drinking ladies with a penchant for sweet delights.

One was thrilled to see that they served our delights on my favourite cake stands.

Blaue blume cake stand from Lifestylebazaar

They had the bunny stand too, too cute.

Lovesick bunnies from lifestylebazaar

We had a good old chat and devoured very nearly everything.

A few treats were boxed to take home, I can’t imagine them getting to their final destination.

Golly, we must have been hungry.

Here are some of us enjoying tea,

Having a Lady Gaga moment. Cripes!

A jolly afternoon and just enough time to have a bottle of fizz before heading home.

Thank you darlings.



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