The most fabulous Friday

This morning my darlings the sun was shining the skies were blue so a trip to the coast seemed the only thing to do.

My sister picked me up, early as ever and we had a jolly jaunt Whitby way. It couldn’t have been any more perfect.

The girls and the dogs had great fun and a run on the beach, Lulu tried to hoover up the picnics on her way past and we bought fresh crab for our supper.

Don’t you just love perfect days?

To make the day even better I had my first encounter with my very own beach hut.

She couldn’t have been lovelier and red to boot. Hurrah!!!  We shall go prepared for the season with a bottle of plonk for the naming ceremony . Well we must give the girl a name.

Apologies for poor quality photos. Taken on the phone as my daft husband thought fit to pop my camera on top of the wardrobe ( away from burglars) without telling me.

Standing to attention, soldiers in a row.

The 2nd in line is the prettiest.

I may be biased.

The dogs having a dip

Sisters x

Now ladies are you ready for the main event? Let me introduce you to…. drum roll please

Queen Elizabeth the 2nd

Only kidding,

Affectionately known as “Queenie”


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