Mrs.Lee Loves

A bottle or two!!!  Yes darlings we know Mrs.Lee loves a bottle , be it fizz or gin but any old bottle is fabulous if you know what to do with it. One has a penchant for filling them with blooms or bath oils but even coloured water looks awfully pretty on a glass shelf in a window.

Instead of faking dinner table water. stand straight and tall and do not apologise for good old tap water.

There is nothing wrong with it and nice and gentle on the tummy too. I love this.

Isabel Ballardie tap water decanter. Notonthehighst.

Now for the blooms..

image Country Living

A Dahlia delight

image cowgirlblues

Garden roses, prettily lined up on a mantle.

image foto bank

from camel and yak

This would be perfect for a country kitchen. Filling with fresh flowers would be a joy. Go one darlings. Treat yourselves.

image Max Wanger

What a beautiful photo, could one pop another bottle on? Nope. Full up and spectacular

Country living

And simply because the pooch is the cutest thing ever.



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