Triffic trees

A stunning candelabra tree for a beautiful table. Something special. A v. glamorous affair.

Blossom branches enhancing an already fabulous room. Plenty of gin too. Brillo!

An Easter tree for the garden. At Chez Lee we add yellow ribbon and hanging eggs but do not have a bunny.

Darling?? We need a bunny!

If one is going to get a mug tree, then get a mug TREE.

From notonthehighstreet and has a darling little squirrel at the roots. Too sweet.

Daughters 1, 2 and 3 are far too grown up but one would have to add this to a little girls room.

A mural but not as we know it.

Cherry tree wallpaper mural by Sarah Hardaker from notonthehighstreet

I love it, don’t you?

Something a little more grown up and enchanting. Paul Farrell print from Rockett st george

In other colours too which makes it awfully difficult to choose. Buy the lot.


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