Oh Alice

One is still fixated and always have been. It was the first big book I read and one my mother gave me before she died. It breaks my heart to think I no longer have it but will keep the memories with me always. It seemed quite grown up and a little curious for a girl of 6 but utterly mesmerising.

Oh to fall down a rabbit hole and slip through a looking glass.

Golly, I may have to add to my tea pot collection.

For inspiration. Don’t you just love that the guests made an effort? How fabulous to be invited to such a frabjous do.

A grown up Mad hatters tea party. We must have one. All the ladies must wear their finest chapeaux.

A lover of all things whimsy and as Easter will soon be upon us a white rabbit must come to tea

From Rockett st george

to light up a dreary dresser.

Adding Alice is simple and cool too. Fabulous silk cushions will hit the spot.

by london kills me at Rockett st George

The piéce de resistence must surely be this delicious cake stand. From Folksy and now with a waiting list. How I wish I bought it when I first set mon petit eyelashes on it. Boo hoo.

From Clara Bow


2 thoughts on “Oh Alice

  1. I understand why you miss your Alice book. Some things can’t be replaced can they…
    The bunny lamp is just divine. Could you please ask him if he wants to come to Australia for a holiday…he’ll have to get through Quarantine tho….
    Thank you for your whimsy…it’s brightened my day…

    • How super you popped by Chrisy, I’m sure the bun would love some sun. I may have to bring him personally to make sure he get’s there safe and sound.
      Come again soon.
      For tea perhaps?

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