Being a girl

I make no apologies for being a girl/woman.

Maybe I don’t put 11/2lb of cream on my face but cream is applied and will always be. Oh I have tried them all darlings. Creme de la mere was super but pricey. How can one put a price on youth or beauty? .

I wasn’t until meeting my mother in law that I realised that pricey lotions and potions and not always the best.

She has used Roc for years and has the face and the bloom of a woman 20 years younger. In fact she had fewer wrinkles than moi!!

Cripes, off to the shops for cart loads of Roc.

Nail polish can lift the tattiest of  nails and looks especially pretty on toes.

 I am still cross with Chanel for discontinuing my favourite hue( organdy) which was the perfect Summer colour for pretty pink toes.

I  ALWAYS feel better with a new ” do” Do you?

Since going for ” le bob” I have found a new place to put scent. On the back of ones neck. A delightful surprise for Mr.Lee and also a ritual for the delightful Ms.Claudia Winkleman who also if a firm fan.

I resist the pettitcoats , a dreadful shame but for my shape all they do is add bulk in areas which do not need any extra inches. A pencil skirt always looks better on moi than a circle skirt and I have at last come to terms with it.

I shall continue to admire on others the frill and lace but alas cannot carry off the look myself.

It’s the same with pink. My favourite colour but too Barbara Cartland worn by moi. Dreadful shame but I shall decorate with it instead.


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