Red shoes

After Mr.Bowie did this catchy little number I wonder how many girls bought red shoes?

I have always been a black shoe( patent , suede or silk) and preferably Louboutin for that fabulous flash of red when one walks.

If one prefers one red shoes on ones tea set Blaue blume have a sweet little set you may like darlings


These are Belgium Chocolates... adorable non?

By Clifton Cakes from

One was having a bit of a ” Dorothy ” moment at Christmas. I was desperate to have some red twinkly ruby slippers á la Dorothy but the wretched Kurt Geiger had sold out of size 5s so poor Mrs.Lee had to go without. Boo hoo.

I have just been onto the Oli website and they have them there … we can all be Dorothy now.

A day trip to Oz anyone?

Although these will certainly put a spring in my step.

Be still my beating heart. La la la Louboutins


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