No wire hangers!!!

Mothering Sunday soon. Daughter no.1 is home on leave and 2 &3 will be with me too.

As tiny tots they used to fill the house with daffodils. Utterly sweet of them. Before they had money they would snatch handfuls of the golden trumpets from grassy banks on their way home from church.

I am no Joan Crawford ( well perhaps a little diva esq) and hopefully no ” Mommy dearest” but can concur that wire hangers should be banned. They are not around as much now as even the dry cleaners send home yellow plastic( yuk) .

Wardrobes often smell a little fusty and I like a pretty padded hanger gently scented to keep clothes fresh and well shaped.

Cath Kidston florals.

Scented or not?

A Vintage Spring necklace from Etsy would be a perfect gift, snowdrops and roses. How could one resist?

From Lagoadesigns at Etsy

Anyway I digress, back to Daffodils.

Image from

Isn’t that the perfect daffodil table?

image from Southern Style

I would love some coral too, must have an exotic holiday soon.

John Lewis have a delightful daffodil Spring collection too.

Tea light holder

This has my name on it!!

A daffodil wreath, perfect for ones door. Let Spring into ones home.

I often send flowers for friends by post and Daffodils are no exception Fentongollen Farm have a sweet mixed box

These are sweet smelling narcissi, ( hint hint)


Chez Lee

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