Mrs.Lee Loves

A pretty brooch

This  is where all the old and broken brooches go after they’ve sparkled their last sparkle on our coats.

djondesign at Etsy

Perfect for my mother in law.

And one for granny too.

from djondesign at Etsy

Is this one fabulous darlings?

From katscollection Etsy

A brooch can adorn a cushion or a lampshade. Pop vintage finds onto both for decorative fizz.

If one hasn’t a brooch then B.H.S have done it for you.

One can talk nicely to granny and raid her jewellery boxes or pop to a jumble sale or charity shop for an array of glitter that any magpie would be proud of.

A brooch perks up a cardi beautifully and is perfect with a tea dress.

This is the cutest little 1930s standing poodle brooch. It has a green rhinestone eye and is made from silver-tone metal with a pale blue enamelled body and face leaving it’s pompom tail, paws, ears and nose silver. It has a good working pin and safety catch. A sweet and collectable little vintage brooch.


What better place to pop a brooch than on a bouquet of beautiful blooms.


A darling cushion that has a touch of sparkle and a few added touches.

from angel at my table


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