Moggy madness

Image Tim Walker

One must not be worried about turning into a mad cat woman with old age.  One moggy or two dozen furry creatures.

Who’s counting, they would certainly bed super bed warmers. ” Throw another cat on the bed darling, it’s getting rather chilly”


How decadent, I wonder if Tiger and Marigold would like one?

Our cats are ginger but as a child we had Siamese, so has Etsy.

She does doggies too, how cute. From Imyourpresent at Etsy

At least it won’t moult.

From Charming925 at Etsy.

If Tiger loses yet another collar I may scream. He has it down to about a collar a week. It isn’t just the cost of the collar but the tag and I am rather partial to a little brass fish hand engraved. I shall ” show” him the staple gun and see if that does the trick.

Last month whilst perusing one of my favourite blogs, Domestic Sluttery. I stumbled upon the Black Cat cocktail.

A grown up Cherry Coke

25ml cherry brandy
25ml vodka
50ml cranberry juice
50ml coke

Combine with ice and a cherry garnish.


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