You light up my life

Light up your dreams…..

Lighting can make or break a room and darling as we all know SO well, the horrid supermarket strip lighting should be banned!! Banned I say.

Mr.Lee absolutely can’t abide central overhead lighting. I do see his point. Table lamps must always come into play to light up a dark and gloomy corner. However, if all ones lighting is fabulous ( we have chandeliers to pelt dogs with, not that we would) and with the aid of a dimmer switch can look spectacular.

Mr.Lee is yet to be convinced. Candle light is the most flattering of all and will hide all inperfections.

Before the electric light it was a fool who chose his linen or his women by candlelight!!

After trotting past Ted Baker some months ago, I spotted a super array of lampshades in different colours and heights suspended from the ceiling. Great innovative lighting. V. cool.

What do you know, good old Laura Ashley has come up trumps and done a similar( smaller) version.

Hurry along darlings, it is in the sale. Hurrah!

From Laura Ashley

Now , one couldn’t peruse L.A without buying a tea cup or two. Could one?

But as we are on the subject of  lighting why not combine the two?

Fill up ones shopping bag with tea cup treasures whilst your there

One can never have too many tea cup candles and when the wax has gone there is still a pretty little cup and saucer to hold on to. What a  brilliant idea.


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