Lace Loves

Romantic and bridal, I could fill Chez Lee from floor to ceiling with the heavenly fabric. Gone are the days of lace net curtains, thankfully. One hates anything to block light or the view of the garden. Black lace looks chic in the form of a cocktail dress and trimmed on silk and satin for bedtime.

How wonderful that it also comes in different guises. It can drip from walls, adorn furniture and also made into delicate china patterns.

The first time I saw the wallpaper I was looking for a corset style lampshade and stumbled across it at Sera of London.

It really is boudoir material.

Sera of London

Lust after that ladies.

From Graham and Green

Adding lacy touches to ones nest really couldn’t be easier , how sweet… paper lace bunting. Golly all one needs is a party!!

From dotcomgiftshop

Of course one must not forget the cakes.


One of my next purchases must be this fabulous table from Ghost interiors. Black with a lace panel.

Ghost interiors

Surely one could find a corner darlings?


These would be lovely on the lawn beside the loungers in the Summer, don’t you agree?

And for the cucumber sandwiches

From Blaue blume this heavenly plate


And the cutest lovesick bunnies for Easter treats.

The most darling basket for ones bicycle. oh Daisy Daisy.

From Design House Stockholm


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