Pretty Flamingo

The most glorious of birds, how I love Flamingo pink. Maybe ever since Alice in Wonderland bedtime stories as a child. Too cruel for croquet. We of course had them on the lawn for our tea part last Summer.

If one had the stems á la Sarah Jessica Parker, one would have Flamingo hose too!!

Image from

What a fabulous hue.

One shall however fulfil ones needs by popping off to Rockett St.George and lusting after the most delicious Flamingo chair. It would look picture perfect in ones nest darlings.

Rather pricey but a one off!

Pretty Flamingo

My heart is all of a flutter.

As you all know I’m in love with the flaming wallpaper from Cole and Son but I have found some ever more fabulous.

Pass the smelling salts, one feels the vapours coming on.

Elli Pop wallpaper... swoon

Isn’t it delicious darlings?

I’m sure that some of you ladies are cool chicks, and if the retro look is for you then this sideboard will be right up your rue.

Higher market studio " Flamingo" sideboard from

Would you like to see my etchings??

An original 1970’s sideboard, re vamped by Higher Market studio with the clever use of individually designed formica. Lucy uses formica for its durability and finish qualities. The formica has an etched flamingo motif, designed by Lucy. It has 4 drawers, the top drawer is lined with red felt and is suitable for cutlery. the handles are solid teak and hand made specifically for this piece.The cupboard has an inner shelf. Each piece is unique

Flamingo Cocktail

1 oz. gin
1/2 oz. apricot brandy
1/2 oz. fresh lime juice
1/4 oz. grenadine
Tools: shaker, strainer
Glass: cocktail

Combine all ingredients and shake with ice, strain into cocktail glass.

A pink flourish at Chez Lee

Liberacé eat your heart out!

Valentine roses.

I have cupboards filled to the brim with vintage plates and cups but have a longing for something ” re worked”

I have had my eyelashes on this designer for the longest time and this would be a welcome addition on my favourite dresser.



3 thoughts on “Pretty Flamingo

  1. Mrs Leeeeeee, divine pink-ness!!! Your chair, those curtains, cushions and roses!!! I am very envious! Get me to my new house!!!!!!!!! Keep blogging, loving it. Plus I got a mention! Heeheeheehee, I feel thouroughly honoured!x

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