Tea with Mrs.Lee

There is nothing more satisfying than a lovely cup of tea, that is what us Brits do so well. Mr.Lee has promised to make me cup of tea every morning for the rest of our life. Could he be any sweeter. So far so good. It will always be the best cup of the day.

” I’ll pop the kettle on ”

yes please…

How on earth is one expected to start the day without a refreshing brew, Tea Revives You.


The only place I do tend to leave my habit alone is in Italy. Dreadful tea, if they even have it at all. Now their coffee is another matter. Perfecto!

One of these days I shall have my own little tea room, until then I shall enjoy taking tea and dream a little dream of tea.

Hot sweet tea... perfect for shock

Hot sweet tea... perfect for shock

A thoroughly civilised affair.


2 thoughts on “Tea with Mrs.Lee

    • My darling, there is no right or wrong way to take tea.
      A lovely French friend makes the most delicious fresh peppermint tea and I was converted.
      I have Fortnum’s Royal blend at home. With milk and 1 lump.
      I am a milk in last girl.
      The only time I take my tea without sugar is when I am with my friend Fiona.
      She has always forgotten to sugar my tea and it has gone on far too long now for me to embarrass her.

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