Are they breeding?

How can one resist?

I simply can’t…. tea cups and china are tumbling out of cupboards at Chez Lee. The more I see the more I NEED. There are so many delightfully decorative pieces around that quite simply have my name on. Everyday another tea set has been reworked for yet another use. Some are obvious… others less so.

Rosie Lee

Rosie Lee

Daughter no.1 was a complete star and sent me The Teatime clock from Umbra for Christmas last year. I’m afraid to say it isn’t even on the wall yet, she will be cross. It is enormous and awfully heavy so we’ll have to get a little man in.

teatime clock

I’ve heard they even do it in black now so is even more fabulous. Mine will adorn Mrs.Lee’s tea room…… one day. There are chandeliers and other magical lighting creations around too. Mr.Lee has put down his foot and announced that if the lighting makes it’s way in he shall make his way out! Shall I call you a cab darling?


How I wish my husband came with a tool box. This would take care of making room in the cupboards for more treasures. I shall leave this Country living page open in the hope he takes the hint.

What’s a girl to do?

I have my peepers on theses beauties, I wonder if Mr.Lee is feeling generous?

This Summer for Alice’s tea party I bought some over sized pink polka dot cups and saucers and simply filled them with crisps for the table, they did look very Wonderland and full of whimsy. I have found some awfully smart ones which are too beautiful for words. There are many cheaper versions but these are first rate. The best there is!!

Perfection from Rockett st George

Perfection from Rockett st George

Sometimes a herbal tea is required, usually when I have over done it. I prefer them in little glass cups so I can see the magic. Fresh peppermint always does the job, fresh mint from the garden. These from are perfect.

I shall cut roses in the Summer and have them stacked on the the garden table.

Good old Martha always get’s it right… pressed glass and roses. Beautifully vintage.


2 thoughts on “Are they breeding?

  1. Please don’t let that stop you darling…
    Our home is very Charity shop chic but I love to buy a bold modern piece to set it off.
    It need not be all the same style, sneak a few pieces in and you’ll be surprised at how well they work.
    For example, I bought a bright yellow sideboard from Ikea of all places for the dining room and LOVE it!

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