Kiss the frog

Some days don’t you just wish you could crawl back to bed and start again? Yup. The day the airing cupboard rained was one of those days. Not just one leak but two. Decades of linen collections ruined. Yes, I’ve tried everything. Patterns, dye , lace and leaks do not mix. Bleach baths perished my treasures and most ended up in the bin.

Meet John.

This man was worth his weight in gold! Gold I tell you. Usually with tradesmen ( especially living in an old house) I get that sound. That sharp intake of breath where they suck air through their teeth whilst shaking their head. Not John. John didn’t clear off never to be seen again. He fixed it. There and then .

Gold star! 🌟👍

I won’t let my loss of linen get me down, it will be a perfect excuse to start new and more wonderful collections. In fact some darling strawberry embroidered napkins have already been ordered! 

To cheer a girl up the very best thing is to receive something in the post. ( not in a brown envelope obviously )

First it was some snail mail from a shiny and new friend from Instagram , so thoughtful and charming.

Then a parcel from Charmajesty!! 

What heavenly post!!

Charmajesty is the dream!!! I adore it all!! My handsome husband had ordered some darling pyjamas with little green frogs. Bliss .

They fit perfectly and one was having rather a Doris Day moment. Too wholesome for words.

I wonder if they do a pair to fit Panda? 😘 


Weather girl

Typical British  weather darlings, the lawn is looking fabulous.  All the rain is keeping it green. What is a trifle annoying is what to wear. Usually when one uses the word SUMMER one expects a sun dress/sandal ensemble.

Not in dear old Blighty.

One is alternating ( during the course of the day) between wellies and flip flops! Thank goodness I live and die in my wellies anyway. Most of us don’t and find it a little frustrating.

When marrying my husband the weather played a big part. Yes one would long to be a June bride or get married on a glorious summers day but all the so called summer weddings we’ve been to have been wash outs! At least if you get married in the winter you are certain it’s going to be cold and guests can dress accordingly and photographs can’t be spoiled by a sudden downpour .

This morning I was wearing my tweed cap as it was blustery and decidedly chilly but this afternoon one was donning a Panama. Gah!

A day of two halves . When one should be considering one or two new summer pieces for ones wardrobe I have been considering a yellow fisherman’s mac! Yep!

If anyone knows where dear old Flackers got this one please let yours truly know.

Thank you darlings ❤️




Darlings wasn’t the weekend delightful? Sunny days and forget-me-nots. I’m sure our poor little dogs legs are getting shorter with the amount of walks she’s had lately .

Forget-me-nots remind me of childhood, picking them from hedgerows to take home to granny. Nothing much has changed there . Aren’t they just dreamy? So far every jug in the house has been filled including the teapot.  

” you’ll have to use a bag dear!”



Kippers on the balcony basked in beautiful sunshine. And in April! What a treat! Too many bones for me but my husband loves them.

Panda didn’t get a look in.


3 little girls

Darlings how was your weekend? Mine was delightful! Of course it was Mothering Sunday and what is lovelier than spending it with ones children.

As you know my beautiful daughters all joined the Royal Navy so it has always been tricky getting them in the same place at the same time. Sunday was no exception . Daughter no.3 was at sea so sadly we were one short .

Daughter no.1 married a fellow sailor and we now have two little boys to adore. As it was her Mother’s Day too we did what makes us both happy!

The seaside!

Not even the grey day could dampen our spirits. We took a picnic and some fizz and spent the day collecting shells.

It was very thirsty work that shell collecting business

Incredibly  the rain held off. 

Missed you Pops.

I hope you all had a special weekend?

No matter how big they get I will always be mummy ❤️

Oh, to do it all again…  


Pillow talk

Darlings , spring has sprung. Spring cleaning has begun and one has come over all Doris Day. Nothing short of a calamity 😘.

A girl has better things to do than paint roses round the door and fluff pillows. Yet, a woman’s touch ..

Can weave a spell.

Oh gosh almighty! We even have the same taste in china!

I digress.

Today darlings  the question is:

To chop or not to chop?

We are not talking about supper. Maybe it’s all the international interior magazines I have been filling my pretty little head with ? Or even the tv channels from across the pond perhaps. Even English girls want to try something new once in a while.

Not often. One prefers familiarity to the unknown and the only fizz comes in a bottle. I know, I know. Too dull for words.

Today Matthew I am going to be Bruce Lee! I shall karate chop the cushions pretending they are holidaying in Barbados . 

Of course there is a jolly good chance that in my English country home this will look naffer than naff.

If that’s the case then a spaniel with a fat bottom will quickly turn them back into flat squashed and less interesting shapes .

This old thing?


Darlings, winter has taken it’s toll and is dragging on a bit. So much so one has been spring cleaning.
One project this year is a dressing room.
For me.
It won’t be shared.
I hope you’re listening darling? Across the pond the gorgeous and glamorous American girls have had walk in closets for years!!! Us poor Brits have had to put up with cramped overstuffed wardrobes and sticking drawers . Well, before Ikea or for the Ikea haters ( my husband and I).

Rifling through my crammed offering attempting to streamline and purge it was very soon apparent that there was little to remove . Why? Am I a hoarder? A little . Is it dated? Debatable. I am not Carrie Bradshaw. Fashion is only a nod. I do not buy for the sake of it and now in my 40s my style is honed. I’m happy with looking the same when most would find it dull I find comfort in a familiar uniform.
I know what works for me.
Our lovely Kate ( Duchess of Cambridge) is a hoarder. This lady has the worlds fashion at her fingertips yet she has outfits on repeat . Good. If she likes something and it suits her how miserable to leave it behind for something fresh that may not quite as well .


Repeat repeat repeat .
If something works keep it! If it doesn’t sling it!!! ( I’m talking to you you hideous L.K Bennett wedges that do NOT go with everything)

K.M and I do have one thing in common. It is not necessary to wear something the instant it is bought. If you love it you will still love it a season or two later when everyone else has moved on to something else.
Unless one is a fashion plate and must be super current this trick stops the embarrassment of bumping into someone in the same outfit .

This has only happened to me once. It was my 18th birthday and I was wearing a white strapless full skirted Laura Ashley dress.

You live and learn .image

Nice jugs


Darlings having always had nice jugs ( insert snigger) one was thrilled to find a bloomin’ beauty!
A collector of robin dinnerware ( daughter no.2 called Robin,Pip studio lovebirds) I was on the look out for other items to complement.

Sophie Allport is discontinuing her robin range boo! Hiss! As is usually the case when I find something I adore but just in time one flew my way .
My postman make every day feel like Christmas Day!


Perfect for milk, gravy , custard or if pushed gin.

Maybe I should order another?