Fess up.


Ok darlings fess up? Do you do anything naughty? I know many a chap that chugs milk or juice straight from the carton. Yuk! Some also think it’s ok to wear their pants two days on the trot. Double yuk!
I have often mentioned that most nights ( being either too shattered or drunk) I rarely take off the slap. My face will pay the price.
Too often one has scoffed all the biscuits and blamed the dog or not ironed my husbands shirts blaming a black bottom. The iron not moi!

Now when it’s too late to change the sheets I simply hop into another bed. Thankfully not someone else’s bed. Mr. Lee will be glad to hear.

The guest room is always good to go when my bed linen changing energy has well and truly gone.




Am I the only one???

Cake face


Darlings, happy Sunday.
It’s rather quiet here. No lawnmower in the background. No screeching children. No tv. Not even a honking peacock. Blessed peace.

I will enjoy it while it lasts.

Is it wrong to have cake for breakfast?
Why I’m asking is ( as afore mentioned) and is well documented I bemoan the fact that my husband is a feeder. Hence ones girth.
My sister is husband free and as thin as a pin. You see where I’m going here? Before marriage I was wonderfully trim too.

If someone goes to the trouble and kindness of cooking, I will eat.
Now my mother in law ( who is also stones lighter since the sad loss of her husband) is also feeding me.

Jam tarts, scones, rock buns. You name it.
I have now got CAKE FACE.

This has got to stop .
All carbs give me swell.
But cake extra luggage also.
Damn it.

Tracy Anderson fitness guru to the stars ( Beckham Paltrow et al) apparently can tell if you have been eating carbs by your face.

I agree!!!!


So from this day forth one is dropping the cake.
If that means putting the chain on the door to stop future deliveries so be it.



Darlings are you enjoying the tennis? How blissful to have sunshine and Champs! Whilst enjoying the latter in the garden with a lovely neighbour we were discussing shoes ( yes we are girls) and what they can do to ones feet! In the name of fashion.

The Queen naturally has the best for her commitments and are too sensible for words but do the job perfectly. ( Kate has a slight slag shoe tendency but haven’t we all?) and the Queen’s royal feet shall not blister or rub.
Quite right !

She has a member of staff she affectionately calls Cinders to take the pain away and unsightly foot afflictions .

I did the same.
She was called SISTER. 😉

She may have a better nose, but I have better feet!

Bring back Bellucci


Good morning darlings, how beautiful is the morn ? It was damn near perfect ( tea, toast , glorious sunshine) until flicking through the papers. This is not about football . ( since when have we WANTED the Italians to win?) . The Italian in question has a far shapelier set of legs. Marvellous Monica ( Bellucci)
It appears Dolce & Gabbana have pensioned the old dear off and brought in a slightly newer model.


Super Trooper Schiffer

I’m not knocking her. In fact out of all the ” SUPERS” she was ones favourite. It’s just that the fit is wrong.

This beauty does not burst with sex appeal or spaghetti .
She takes her make up off every night and enjoys a green cleanse.
Wanton ?


More wonton .


Ms. Bellucci was quoted as saying that ” she loves to eat and that she never watches what she eats. If she gets fat, Monica says she will simply wear black.”

Ms. Schiffer. ” I am a dalek”

If it ain’t broke…

Bottoms up


Good morning darlings, no one hasn’t had Champs for breakfast ( although why not?) but as ever booze is never far from ones thoughts.
Having recently picked up Instagram again after failing miserably the first time round ( didn’t quite get it) one is thoroughly enjoying it!! Those American girls and their fanciness especially .

Now, Mr. Lee and I have always had something chilling in the fridge and a tray or tantalus on the sideboard for spirits and since moving to the East Wing we now have a bar!!!! Hurrah!!!
Yet, there is still room for more.

What we in England would call a ‘ drinks trolley ‘ those across the pond call ‘ bar carts’

Imagine having everything to hand and displayed beautifully.. Pretty glasses, lovely books on cocktails. Fancy stirrers , jewel coloured beverages, oh my!

Maybe I should put one together for my sister for Christmas ? ( who also has fins)


Image stylewithinreach.net








Via style me pretty and the glitter guide.

You want one don’t you darlings??

Yes, so do I .

Style it out ladies and find fun accessories . Etsy is a marvellous place to shop for drinks trolley / bar cart treasures



Pen to paper

Good morning darlings , sunny and sensational!!! Breakfast outside if you can! As women we will probably be answering emails, feeding children or adding to our ‘to do’ lists. They just get longer and longer don’t they?

Having checked my Instagram feed a lovely pic ( with the cutest dog called Ninja) reminded me of the first little gift my handsome husband tossed in my direction. We were friends, it was Christmas. A bottle of Creed Fleurissimo and a white patent Smythson diary and notebook. What a clever chap!

Anyway, to my point. Do you write darlings? Not emails/blogs/texts.. LETTERS. Exactly.

The only letter one writes now is usually in the form of a thank you note for a lovely evening. Everything else is done via a computer or handheld device. Gah!


My first ” decent” writing paper was Bond St blue and came from Smythson . I still adore it. Even though the Nile blue is lovely I find it a little dark for my taste.

Mr. Lee still pops into Smythson for a diary or notebook occasionally . The last little something was a hot pink address book. They are all sweet and make darling stocking fillers or birthday gifts. Or even something simply to make one smile.


Although this one is probably more apt.


Wishful drinking..

Yes . One does a lot of that

A flock of seagulls

Noisy greedy things





You know when you are costal living darling when you hear the call of a seagull before toast. I don’t mind it actually . Better than those fog horn peacocks. However never trust a seagull.
Now I’m a greedy gull but their greed knocks mine into a cocked hat. We were at the seaside with Jimmy (whose fixation with crabbing and crabs knows no bounds )and about to bait the line when a cheeky seagull swiped the vacuumed packed titbits and swallowed it in one gulp .


We are perusing art and prints for the East Wing at present but if we had a shack at the coast then this would be considered .
Let’s hope daughter no.1 doesn’t read this.


Seagulls art print by Carol Lynch from my world gallery

Never leave ones lunch unattended in the presence of seagulls.