October ROCKS!!!

Have you been outside recently? Then you will already have feasted on the glory of October! One simply can’t get enough of it and poor old Pandy ( Panda) the King Charles spaniel keeps getting dragged out whether she wants to go or not! Tis the season to SOUP and walk. imageimageIt really is stunning!!

kick leaves

carve pumpkins

wrap up

wear boots

make soup

The Princess and the pea



Darlings ( sings) anything Kate ( Middy) can do I can do better! Haha if only darlings!! In fact one is certain that if the lovely Catherine wasn’t in the club she would be wedge footing her way to Joules to snap up another navy blue staple!

One doesn’t have her budget or her Prince. Maybe mine will take the subtle hint that a pea coat will be an investment buy so must immediately live with us!
Doubtful as there may already be similar stuffed into bulging wardrobes.

” But the one from Joules is slightly shorter, semi fitted and has shiny crested buttons !! “

No it isn’t the same as my other one !!!
Did I mention the shiny crested buttons?


Hornpipe not included . Although one does know a few willing sailors.

Make it last


” Make it last!”

As a greedy girl this statement has never been adhered to. I should have listened to granny.
Incapable of eeking anything out one is now paying the price.
Damn it.
This is the last jar of homemade blackberry jam. So when it’s gone it gone.


If like me you too go hell for leather at anything and everything and don’t ” save something for another day” you will know what I’m talking about.

I could have jolly well taken it steady and had an extra month of deliciousness.

At least it’s cold enough for porridge.


Fall in love



Darlings , don’t you just love autumn? How one longs to be a redhead with that exquisite colouring when the leaves are burnished bronze and the countryside backdrop can only enhance ones beauty.
At least tweeds suit the season and it’s palette .

Everywhere one looks there natural beauties to collect , set up a nature table. Children love them! Hunt for acorns, leaves for cones and masses and masses of conkers. We are not at school, they are not banned!! Spend an hour stooping and picking up conkers!

And bathing muddy dogs!

As my husband is a great big baby when it comes to spiders there will be conkers in the corners of the room. Apparently they also ward off moths, rheumatism and piles. So a good idea to keep them in drawers.



Something smells fishy


Darlings , some girls dream of being princesses , some hope for stardom. Most would like to be mermaid!

Not I .
Hate the water.
Swim like a stone.

Having had singing lessons instead of swimming lessons under the sea would not be the place for me. Floating face down in six inches of water more likely.

If you have a sirens call and got all your swimming badges then the next step would a mermaids toilette.

Swim along to Liberty and pamper those tired tails and scent those tumbling locks .

Who wants to stink of fish when they can smell sweetly of orange blossom.




Pssst… Maybe someone should let that Ariel chick know …

At fins length.

Ring the changes

Darlings good morning!!! A happy girl wakes to the sweet scent of bedside roses and wakes from her slumber to a cup of tea.

When you find a husband like mine KEEP HIM!! Unless he is indeed mine, then in that case you can jolly well send him back.
Who on earth would make the tea??!!

I suppose one could consider ringing the changes and get another poor dolt to brew? One does get rather used to spoiling.

At the East Wing the menu has become a trifle predictable. Firm favourites have become dull and lacklustre and a tweak or two is needed to satisfy the palate .

As you know darling ( and ones waistline can attest) one is a pasta fiend. Quick and comforting rather like their men. Another dish is needed to bolster ones repertoire .


Roast chicken tagliatelle ( Nigella)

Simply TOO delicious!!

So simple but yummy. Roast a chicken with salt and pepper. Soak 1/2 cup of sultanas in warm water for 20 minutes.
Toast 1/2 cup pine nuts.
Mince finely 3 sprigs of rosemary.
Cook tagliatelle .
When cooked remove chicken from carcass and chop ( including skin) into bite size pieces.
Use the chicken juices and sticky pan to make sauce adding sultanas , rosemary and pine nuts.
Then add in chicken and tagliatelle and chopped parsley.