Put a top on


Darlings usually at the East Wing the air is blue ( expressive language rules) but lately it has been green . As have I after not wearing the regulation gas mask .

He blames the dog, she blames him, I blame them. It’s a viscous circle .
One has got to the bottom of it.


Oh, innocent it is not. After blending baskets full of vegetables and seeing (strike that )SMELLING the results one may have to reconsider lunch.

Soup. Girls love soup more than boys. Tasty and light. However if one turns up the volume with toppings and gives them a bit on the side even a man size appetite will be satisfied.


A bowl size cheesy crouton in French Onion


Asparagus and a Parmesan crisp


Cream or crème fraiche with basil would be even more perfect with some cheese on toast on the side.


Great toppings include: bacon, sausage, prawns, herbs, cheeses ( especially feta) fried onions, cucumber, pesto

Have onions rings/garlic bread/a sandwich on the side.






Be creative.

You eat with your eyes.



Yesterdays toxic weapon of choice ( a real window opener) was a spicy carrot with a crème fraiche and bacon topping. Hearty and fragrant. The soup and ones husband.



Half an onion
Splash of olive oil
Stock or water
Two sticks celery
Birdseye chilli ( 2)
Chilli powder
Ground coriander
Bacon and crème fraiche

Roast a tray of carrots in olive oil salt and pepper
Fry onion, celery , garlic, chillies and a generous shake of each of dry spices.
Add roasted carrots and a litre of stock or water to the pan.
Check seasoning. We like it HOT. Omit birds eye chilli if wanting milder.

I crisp up the bacon on a tray at the same time as roasting the carrots .
Swirl in crème fraiche and top with bacon pieces.

Buy nose clip.
Sorry , that’s just moi

( in preparation for the curried parsnip with baked apple garnish)

Stuck in a rut?



Darlings are you? Stuck in a rut that is? I am. Always have been. They say we stick to the era/time/period where we were at our happiest or was it our most beautiful? There have of course been modifications and updates along the way and a few Tony and Guy shockers/fringes but mostly one reverts back to to familiar and comforting styles. Both in the home and on ones back.

Daughter no.3 came home from sea and ‘ needed’ a fancy dress costume. It was an 80′s bash. Now I jolly well know because I was there and I am still there the second time around. In fact apart from extra timber and wrinkles one feels and dresses mostly the same.

Of course one doesn’t wander round in a CHOOSE LIFE t shirt or wear blasted leg warmers . At 45 it would be sad. What has remained is the glamour and polish of the 80s before grunge set in. ( and bare legs)

It was smart. Ok so it was OTT. So what? J’adore OTT. One has found ones groove.


Princess Diana 1987
I would love this. For the races, for Church, one would wear it to go shopping at a push.

I still go out in the evening in a little black body con dress with a tailored jacket complete with shoulder pads . The hair is not as high or as lacquered and the blue mascara has been banished.
My blazer still has brass buttons and is double breasted ( all the rage again according to Times Style) and even the occasional earring hits gigantic 80s proportions.

Reading in Houzz.com last year it appears that interiors are revisiting that period too. People are wanting lavish again. Excessive window treatments and brass( instead of chrome) fitments.


It’s Dynasty all over again.


I’ll drink to that.

Perusing the Daily Mail this morning there is a picture of a very pretty girl from a place in England called Towie.
Apparently she is wearing an 80s style dress


Close but no cigar. Maybe the pretty girl shops in Victoria’s Secret?


If you want 80′s spots then look no further..


The Wright way is not always the right way.

Enjoy your weekend darlings xxx

Friday feeling


Good morning darlings , how was your week? Mine could have been better, if I saw my husband in the street I would barely recognise him . Maybe I saw him twice… Fleetingly.
Everything that was on my to do list was ignored so next week will be challenging to say the least. Even today when usually the Friday feeling would be imbibed will fall flat. Dentist p.m. Hells teeth!

However there are positives. Teeth won’t cross, a cocktail will take residual pain away and the Friday night curry can be even hotter due to mouth numbness.

One F.F ( fabulous friend) embraces Friday with gusto. She has an F.F ( fatty Friday) which usually involves bacon and has us all gloomily poking our grapefruit with jealously.A treat to end the week seems fair and just. Here’s to Fatty Fridays!





Are you kidding?


Good morning darlings, having just upset myself by reading an article on ageing one will try to distract ones negative thoughts by admiring something of beauty. Always far more interested in ones home over ones wardrobe this jaunt fulfils the brief perfectly.
I have always liked the Kidd sisters. Regardless of money, family or job description they always seem unaffected and grounded.


” she lives in a house a very big house in the country”

Jemma Kidd and Arthur Wellesley’s 18th-century home in Hampshire.












Adding youth and colour. I wonder if it’ll work on a forty something woman?

Images taken from Elle Deco

Interior designer Penny Morrison.

Rise and shine


Good morning darlings, or is it? One has never professed to being a morning person . A light and bright start helps but so does a cup of tea brought to me by my husband. It is the first thing I miss when he is away.

Mr. Lee maybe slow but at least he’s willing. What a gem. Thank goodness one of us can function with the lark .

We have all seen it in the press the mustard sofa kitchen photo op with the Prime Minister and before that his wife. Loving a good snoop one noticed that the over priced high end gadgets had been replaced by something altogether cheerier.
Naturally I am wanting to do the same.


Not for the label conscious dear old Kenwood but it certainly brightens up a dark corner.

Who needs yards of chrome and a Gaggia!


Yes another whim but an affordable one. Now how often can one say that?


And the espresso is being ditched. Filter coffee, a lovely huge pot of it will be gracing the breakfast table . This got 5 stars on Amazon.
Who am I to argue?

P.s if la Beckham is dressing Harper in yellow then you know it’s cool.

The colour purple


Darlings, do you do purple? K. M looks fab in it and has worn different shades including a print in purple. When one has asked friends their favourite colour at least 70% chose purple.
Purple people are free spirits , sensitive creatures . Sometimes a little eccentric , creative , psychic , dignified ,supportive, and tend to look at life through rose tinted glasses.

A colour worn by Roman Emperors, magistrates and Bishops. Also a favourite of Elizabeth Taylor as it matched her eyes.

Alas on moi one looks elderly. My husbands words not mine. The second the words came out of his mouth the colour purple has been forever banished.

My husband and I are not purple people. ( he is not in the least bit sensitive and I doubt the Church would have either of us gift wrapped)
So I will not be buying this..


Or redecorating like this…


Purple is all yours!

Why wait until Christmas?


Darlings a few days ago one had a hankering for fudge. Heaven knows why? Usually it’s always chocolate and a quick dash to the garage in pyjamas usually ensues. So why fudge?
My fudge fantasy ended in disaster . Mr. Lee ( usually a dab hand in the kitchen) had a bash and produced sand. The following day fudge was bought ( not made) in a fancy box the type you’d get for Christmas.

So sticking to ones original indulgence we shall not be waiting for Christmas for a decadent pud. We ( he) shall be attempting the NEMESIS. The River Cafe chocolate nemesis. If this results in sand I’m sacking the chef.


River Cafe Chocolate Nemesis


675 g dark chocolate, (70% Cocoa), broken into chunks
450 g unsalted butter
675 g caster sugar
10 eggs


1. Preheat the oven to 160C/140C fan/gas 3.

2. Melt the chocolate and butter in a heatproof bowl over a pan of boiling water, making sure the water does not touch the bottom of the bowl.

3. Whisk the eggs and sugar together with an electric whisk for around ten minutes until a thick, pale, foam forms.

4. Fold the chocolate & butter mixture into the foam combining thoroughly and pour into a foil-lined 27cm springform cake tin.

5. Place the tin in a roasting dish and pour in enough hot water to come half way up the side of the cake tin. Bake for 55 minutes until just set.

6. Allow to cool completely. Remove from the tin and serve with crème fraîche.